Tomorrow night at Really Good Tuesdays we'll be giving away a ticket for this year's Bass Coast Project Festival Aug. 1st - 3rd in Merritt, BC. Here's a photo from last week and the $600 pay your rent giveaway!! Really Good!

I got a bunch of beats from over the last few years but never did anything with, either procrastinated finishing them or just got excited and started making other beats so i figured id post them leading up to dropping my LP in July this one i made i think a couple of years ago around 2012 wanted to mess with some heavy bass but with melody

On this day in 2006 i first bought Serato. Like everyone else i was skeptical at first but after seeing Roc Raida & Mix Master Mike i knew i needed to get into it. Crazy how much of a game changer for Djing it has been.