Big thanks to Run The Trap for posting my remix of Stylust Beats
available NOW-FREE download

always a trip making music 
i tried something different with this one and took it from 130 bpm to 160 

being something different i wasnt sure how it would be received
so really happy to see its had 9000 plays in one day!!!!



Playing Squamish tonight at the Ruddy Duck 12-2

for the Official Shambhala Pre Party with a chance to win FREE Ticket 

w me , DJ Praiz and CrippledWheel Pete

Thanks to Mad Decent for the mention on the MC ZULU track with Knight Riderz on Really Good Recordings

for their article on Godfathers of Bass its also a FREE DOWNLOAD so if you havnt got it yet head over and download it


Stoked to have my latest mix hosted by THUMP ( VICE )

been following what these guys for years and amazing to see what theyre up to these days

download the mix here